The Participation Game: How the Top 100 Brands Build Loyalty in a Skeptical World

Norty Cohen

Today's consumers are in charge of the ads they see and the brands they choose to let into their world. Their friends are generating hundreds of interesting and compelling posts per day that are commanding their attention.

For marketers who assume they can join the conversation, the question is not just how to get some of this attention. It’s how to give it. Even though the game has changed, many brands still play by the old rules, assuming that consumers want to welcome their messaging. Yet other brands easily build authentic connectivity and lead consumers through the purchase funnel to loyalty.

When Creative Agency Moosylvania’s Owner, Norty Cohen, opened his own research facility six years ago, his team set out to answer the question, “How and Why Do Consumers Adopt Brands?” The author’s team asked the write-in question “Name Your Three Favorite Brands” a total of 5,000 times over a five-year period. Given the responses, the Moosylvania team probed into how and why they became their favorites.

In this entertaining and informative journey, consumer responses match up to case studies, key findings and interviews with top brands. The study reveals a new approach, asserting that brand participation is the X factor to building loyalty.

The Participation Game examines how and why consumers adopt brands. Based on four years of consumer research and 3,000 case studies, the book explores the variables that drive consumers to participate in their favorite brands.

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