Marketers, Tear Down These Walls!

Michael Solomon

Today’s postmodern consumer defies categorization—sometimes deliberately. They yearn to be liberated from cubicles, labels, “market segments,” and especially those confining walls that restrict them from expressing the unique self that’s constructed out of all the lifestyle “raw materials” that marketers of many stripes have to offer. The postmodern revolution requires marketers to revisit the walls they’ve erected over many years. And that’s not an easy thing to do.

Marketers, Tear Down These Walls! Liberating the Postmodern Consumer, describes many of the familiar walls that marketers use to label their customers – young vs. old, male vs. female, online vs. offline, then vs. now, work vs. play, among others – and then takes a sledgehammer to them. This book is all about destroying these familiar categories and learning to seize the opportunities that exist for those who can look beyond these confining walls. It also shows how fundamental assumptions managers make about their customers have to be revisited in light of today’s cultural and technological environment.

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Doing More With Data

PeerSphere is the quarterly e-journal of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council, an organization dedicated to high-level knowledge exchange, thought leadership and personal relationship building among senior corporate marketing leaders and brand decision-makers across a wide range of global industries. The journal is peer-inspired, peer-driven and peer-influenced and provides insight from global marketing leaders about best practices and strategies in the marketplace.

The latest issue of PeerSphere is now available and covers a wide range of subjects relevant to global marketing leaders and features articles on a variety of pertinent subjects, among them:

The CMO Council, in partnership with IBM, hosted a one-hour webcast, "Doing More With Data." Speakers Liz Miller of the CMO Council and Dario Debarbieri of IBM explored how the shift toward the customer has necessitated innovation across data, analytics and holistic operations.

Among the key issues discussed were:

  • How marketing, commerce and operations executives are centralizing and putting today’s deluge of data to work, as well as finding new ways to extract value from multiplying sources of insight (IoT, MarTech apps, third-party APIs) and unstructured content (both inside and outside the enterprise)
  • Issues of data availability, accessibility, quality, timeliness, dependency, disorder, drag, delay and dysfunction
  • Competitive imperative to leverage real-time, refined data for revenue growth, customer gratification and trusted decision support
  • How to help functional business leaders review, value and prioritize data assets; provide them a self-assessment tool to identify most relevant sources of data, and determine what types, sources, formats, and interfaces would boost marketing and business performance
  • Gaps and deficiencies in the data value chain as it results to customer journey, path to purchase, lifetime value, and end-to-end experience.

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