Would You Do That To Your Mother?

Jeanne Bliss

How do we cut through the rigmarole of business to give customers the treatment they desire and employees the ability to deliver it? Customer experience expert Jeanne Bliss recommends making business personal to get the traction you need by focusing on one deceptively simple question: Would you do that to your mother?

Picture your mom struggling through an 800-number menu for assistance, deciphering the terms of her phone contract or waiting hours for a doctor's appointment. Imagine her joy when she finally reaches someone to discuss her warranty claim and then her frustration when her claim is turned down three days out of warranty. Then, think about your employees who have to deliver these moments.

Bliss shows how putting mom in the bullseye of decisions can turn "gotcha" moments into "we've got your back” moments—often at little or no cost—by enabling employees to care for the many small frustrations that make customers feel like they're sinking. This book will help your company join the #MakeMomProud movement and dramatically improve both your customer and employee experiences.

The book's 32 case studies offer lessons from some of the most impressive and inspiring leaders in their industries, as well as tools you can start applying immediately. It also identifies the four principles that guide Make-Mom-Proud companies. 

Whether you're contemplating your company's return policy, its social media presence or its big-picture strategy, this book will make your people more empathetic and empowered, powering your growth through lessons learned from mom.

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PeerSphere: Volume 6, Number 3

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The latest issue of PeerSphere is now available and covers a wide range of subjects relevant to global marketing leaders and features articles on a variety of pertinent subjects, among them:

  • A feature on how brands can maximize the omni-channel experience
  • How brands can gain access to the $10 trillion informal economy
  • A CMO roundtable article featuring marketing perspectives on the challenges to executing omni-channel experiences
  • How Igloo is working to innovate products and make a difference in consumers’ lives
  • Q&A articles with marketing leaders at ASICS and Trust Metrics
  • Insights from marketing leaders at Kia Motors, T-Mobile, Verizon, Visa, AT&T, Bank of America and more

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