June 9-9, 2022

How to Turbocharge Hyper-Personalized CX


How is the content performing? Is the content being optimized, customized, and reused? Are marketers seeing the results of their efforts? Most importantly, is the right content getting into the right hands at the right time?

If the answer isn’t Yes! Yes! Yes! then even the best content will fail. As digital marketing puts a premium on real-time search and access to digital assets, marketers must be fast and efficient with their  content creation and delivery if they want to win in the moment. In digital marketing, speed is the gateway to success.

Join us for an in-depth look at how marketers can get digital assets flowing. We’ll explore real-world cases and dive into core DAM capabilities such as modular content, searchable content, digital rights management, content workflow, cross-functional collaboration, versioning control, compliance, etc.

Watch to learn how advancements in digital asset management can help you:

  • Reduce product launch timelines
  • Lead to fewer content revisions
  • Cut regulatory approval times
  • Lower creative development costs
  • And much more!
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