February 11, 2020

Achieving Organization-Wide Customer Centricity

New York, New York

We are all competing on customer experience, and the bar is being raised. Every department, every person, and every process must embed the customer in its DNA. 

You must be prepared to build a new vision and new strategy to attract and engage with generational talent. In today's world, everyone owns the customer experience and your employee experience is now a critical success factor.

An era of unprecedented change is upon us, driven by the pace of digital technologies. Get a grip on a fast moving landscape of solutions and find innovative ways to provide data-driven customer experience excellence.

At this event, you will engage in strategic conversations with cross functional and cross industry executives charged with elevating the customer experience, guaranteed to generate new ideas. You will also keep your contact list building and your engines revving while enjoying many unique networking events.

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March 2-4, 2020

Building Peak Performing Sales Organizations

Phoenix, Arizona

Sales Team Accelerator Retreat (STAR): A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange is a remarkable setting for key members of the sales organization to come together to strengthen their bonds and improve communication, productivity, and effectiveness. The unique format also delivers robust opportunities to collaborate with other sales organizations to tackle shared challenges around C-Suite expectations; talent; sales tools; best practices and processes; changing customer behavior; and game-changing emerging technologies.


Sales Leadership participants will learn and share how their peers achieve scalable revenue growth and how they design, build, & manage their sales organizations. The content will hit upon how to beat the competition, grow existing customers and identify the right technology for different types of sales teams.


Sales management participants will learn and share the process of developing a sales force. Discussions will center around account management policies, forecasting, team training and development, as well as setting sales targets and performance, monitoring and evaluation methods.


Sales operations participants will learn and share the business activities and processes that help a sales organization run effectively. Discussions will center around data management, technology, dashboards, reporting and administration, lead generation, forecasting, analytics and business insight.


The top 20 percent in your sales organization will learn and share strategies to achieve faster sales cycles, increase revenue per sale and experience higher conversion rates. Discussions will center around key account strategies, outbound prospecting, upsell and cross-sell techniques, social selling and overall, the best practices in sales conversions.

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