November 15, 2017

World Marketing Summit

Toronto, Canada

Join us in Toronto, along with global marketing leaders who lead their organizations' disruptive marketing while shaping the future. With the theme of "New Marketing Strategies for Disruptive Times," World Marketing Summit is Canada's international platform where brands redefine traditional marketing practices to bring about transformation through innovation and technology. 

Hear from leading experts on:

• Marketing in Today's Disruptive World

• Using the Brain in Business: How It helps Businesses Improve Their Access to the Customer Mindset

• How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Have Transformed Today's Marketing Efforts

• Positioning in the 21st Century

• The Future of Marketing in Canada

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November 14, 2017

C-Suite Network Conference

New York, NY

Great leaders have a number of core qualities that distinguish them. These qualities have remained constant, but the successful 21st-century leader must operate with additional abilities to guide their organization to success. These abilities require an astute strategic sense and capabilities to inspire a more and more diverse workforce. The impact of a global economy, radical political changes and disruption from technologies and business models must be met with clarity and action. This conference focuses on the capabilities needed for success from those who exhibit these qualities in action and results.

Attendees leave the conference with:

• An expanded network of people who are vital for current and future growth and success

• Insights into actions to take today to improve business results

• View of future trends and their impact on their organization

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