August 1, 2019

Critical Channels of Choice

Webcast: Virtual

Over 85 percent of 2,000 global consumers surveyed by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council, in partnership with Pitney Bowes, reveal that a blend of both digital and physical channel experiences is the preferred way of interfacing with brands. Yet, only 13 percent of consumers believe that brands are fully meeting this expectation and delivering across both physical and digital places.  Can your engagement plan fill that gap? 

Join this webinar as we explore the findings and key learnings from the recently released research, Critical Channels of Choice, to find out which channels you should be using to make the biggest impact to your consumers by age, gender, and location.  Learn why your customers choose to do business with you, and what makes them question the relationship.

The 1-hour interactive webcast will include a summary of findings and analysis of impact from the CMO Council, along with a lively debate featuring a panel of industry experts about what these findings mean for marketers and for consumers as we set out to truly deploy more personalized, relevant and meaningful experiences.

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August 8, 2019

Exceeding the Requirements of the Trust Economy

Webcast: Virtual

When the CMO Council asked global marketing leaders what they believed the most critical demand of the modern connected customer was today, 57 percent pointed to data security, privacy and accountability, elevating the demand for trust and transparency to top the CMO's agenda. As much as today’s customer craves personalization and being part of brand experiences that are as exciting as they are relevant, transparency and accountability out-weighted brand advocacy and purpose.

Consumers are also clear about the consequence of breaking that bond: Fail to behave responsibly and we will walk with our wallets. According to a recent PwC study, 87 percent of consumers said they would take their business elsewhere if they don’t trust that a company is handling their data responsibly. Consumers also understand that their data is currency, as 88 percent indicate that the extent of their willingness to share personal information with a company is directly tied to how much they trust that company.

This leaves CMOs with a critical question each leader must ask: Is now the moment the CMO must adopt the mantle of Champion of Trust, or is securing this trust in brand experiences going to be left to others to advance?

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