How Can AI Help us Close CX Gaps?

By 2022, online spending is anticipated to top $1 trillion. Marketers need to find ways to stay competitive—and quickly. The answer? Using AI to bridge CX gaps.



Competition is so easily accessible and customers no longer have the same sense of brand loyalty that they used to. If another brand offers it cheaper, sooner or provides a better experience, boom, you’ve lost a customer.


CMO Council research found that 73% of buyers are considering spending their dollars elsewhere due to breakdowns in customer experience. When marketers turn their attention inward toward investing in digital engagement solutions, customers will receive a buying journey that is more seamless and flexible: two assets that benefit both the customer and the brand.


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Additionally, data insights can help retailers act in the consumer’s moment of need. Anything from product recommendations while shopping online, to predictive technology for what may be popular next season benefits both parties.


With the implementation of AI comes the risk of generating a viral chatbot fail, but with the right process, you have nothing to be afraid of. 55% of CX professionals believe that AI will have a short-term impact on customer satisfaction, but research suggests that despite initial dips, brands recover in the long run and can mitigate these dips with the right strategy. In fact, 80% of CX professionals believe that AI will ultimately provide better experiences.


Customers’ expectations are high and their needs are ever-changing. They need frictionless, consistent cross-channel experiences both online and in-store in order to remain loyal to your brand. What are your thoughts on creating a more self-reliant customer journey? And how do you think AI can help move that along? Share your insights with CMO Council on our latest survey here, so we can keep bringing you valuable, timely insights as we recover from the pandemic. 



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