Starting The New Year Off Right: Understanding The Role Of MarTech And AI In The 21st Century

CMOs across the globe have been tasked with the challenge of proving their value to the rest of the C-suite in light of technological advancements that are evolving faster than they can keep up. Understanding the role of the CMO in the 21st century first means understanding the role of MarTech and AI in the 21st century.

Last month, we partnered with HCL to deliver three regionally-specific webinars on technological innovation. We got to chat with some incredible marketing leaders, many of whom are CMO Council Advisory Board members, from Latin America, Africa/Middle East, and Europe.

The pandemic caused major shifts in the way marketers think about the customer journey. Though each region of the world is faced with its own set of unique challenges and distinct victories in these developments, one thing we can all agree on is in order to be successful, the customer must come first.

You can learn more about the key takeaways on our blog and stream these webinars in full for free anytime on our website.

Additionally, CMO Council has been exploring the different ways marketers can activate, engage and maintain customers in such a chaotic digital climate. When your audience is bombarded with thousands of marketing messages every day, how do you break through the noise? Our recent webinar with MoEngage dove into all this and more.

One of our speakers, GE’s Chief Brand Officer, Bob Park, said it best:

“Personalization is key. Engagement is like walking through a market. Everyone has their products they’re attempting to sell you, with a lot of voices and a lot of white noise. If you’re doing engagement right, you’re cutting through that and creating compelling content that brings people to your “market stall.”

You can check out this webinar on-demand as well. And, if you’d like to learn more about Bob and his marketing philosophy, he did a Get to Know interview with us last year that you should definitely check out.

Speaking of, are you a marketing executive with opinions? If you’re reading this… probably! Did you know that you can contribute thought leadership pieces to CMO Council’s Expert Views section? Or, you can even have an article featured in this publication! We also love to chat with our members and thought leaders across all industries, so if interviews are more your speed, you can do a Get to Know interview just like Bob and have your unique perspectives featured on our website as well. For more information, or to submit your pitches, email content@cmocouncil.org.

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