By Janice Dru, March 2018

Today’s “normal” work environment threatens business growth when it doesn’t juggle three critical success factors: provide innovative, competitive products and services; identify, attract and retain a creative distribution of talent who will deliver; and successfully connect and improve the customer experience despite the cacophony of fragmented and cluttered noise. Addressing these challenges requires an interdisciplinary approach that understands what and how various internal and external factors intertwine, and collaboratively integrates diverse skill sets from various functions to achieve the desired results.

I have recently absorbed three books that conceptually coalesce in elegant Venn fashion to achieve better organizational results: The Medici Effect by Frans Johansson, The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle, and The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell.

With concepts from these three books, I’ve put together the following ICM model for creating IMPACT:

Great Innovation, according to The Medici Effect, is most likely to happen at the intersection of fields and when bringing together diverse minds – creating a multiplier effect.

Great Culture, according to The Culture Code, happens when leaders understand their teams, and when an organization builds an environment of safety, encourages people to be vulnerable, and rallies around a common purpose.

Great Marketing, based on evidence from The Tipping Point and my own experience, happens when you effectively reach your audience the right way (e.g., using connectors, mavens, and salespeople), to spread the word and inspire others to act.

When great Innovation and Marketing intersect, you take a great idea – something that is transformative – and discover a way to get people to “buy in” to the idea. By properly marketing a new product such as an iPod, you can generate revenues (or when you properly market a non-profit organization’s innovative concept, you can attract donors and raise funding). When great Innovation and Culture come together, you merge people who bring to the table diverse ideas and who can collaborate well, building highly successful teams to push innovation forward – increasing productivity levels and the chance to develop even more innovations. When you combine great Culture and Marketing, you end up with a very powerful brand – people who advocate and place effective messaging into the marketplace.

Putting together great Innovation, Culture, and Marketing would allow you to make significant IMPACT – combining creativity, talent, and operations to achieve powerful results and institute truly sustainable change. Does your company or organization have great innovators, great cultural change agents, or great marketers? How have you achieved impact?

As a marketer and entrepreneur, Janice Dru lives within the intersection of innovation and growth. Her industry experience spans financial services and wealth management, legal services, B2B software, higher education, and executive services. She is co-founder and board president of the marketing and business solutions company, Inkwhy, board chair of the non-profit organization, The enter for Election Science, and board member of Power Up R.I. As co-organizer of the inaugural DisruptHR Rhose Island event, Janice is a champion for positive change and passionate about employee engagement and talent initiatives. Janice is a graduate of Princeton University where she studied politics and visual arts.

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