5 Brands With The Best Digital Campaigns

Lauren Gall, Co-Owner of VaVa Virtual Assistants

An innovative, forward-thinking marketing campaign that utilizes a range of channels and mediums has the power to attract audiences to a brand and keep them engaged for months to come. The ever-changing digital landscape requires marketing leaders to evaluate their brand strategies to stay current and fresh. It’s not always easy to execute a strategy that skyrockets revenue, but a great place to start is to look at brands that are making their mark and analyze why they are garnering much attention. Great marketing campaigns stir up strong emotions and stay in the minds of consumers for weeks or even months. Here are 5 memorable marketing campaigns of 2018:

1. McDonald’s: “Follow the Arches” Campaign

After noticing a need for a more consistent and unified branding strategy, Canadian creative agency Cosette created the 2018 McDonald’s “Follow the Arches” billboard campaign. The ad features minimal text and consists of four billboards that feature select parts of the brand’s logo as directional signage. This campaign, though originally advertised in Toronto, is expected to go global and has won the Grand Prix awards at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Jury president Chris Garbutt dubbed the campaign “pure and iconic” and one that “transcends language.”

2. New York Public Library: Black Friday Campaign

The New York Public Library (NYPL) took over Black Friday when it released a spoof ad in the New York Times and on social media that promoted “holiday savings,” “free returns” and a “100 percent off book token.” The campaign was a great success and garnered much attention from consumers and the industry alike as it brought a creative approach to an otherwise “outdated” industry. The witty and humorous approach to the campaign is part of a change the organization is undergoing to attract a wider audience. The NYPL ad garnered 30,000 visitors in web traffic and 51,000 views on social media which is 2x more than its daily rate.

3. Adidas: Boston Marathon Campaign

Athletic brand Adidas took an innovative approach to digital marketing when it leveraged 30,000 runners taking part in the Boston Marathon last year. The company featured the runners wearing Adidas apparel and user-generated content in their professionally produced ad by attaching tracker chips to the runners bibs. The brand did an ingenious job of promoting their product by providing real value for their consumers. This emotive campaign successfully garnered 100,000 views in the first two days following the race.

4. Amazon Alexa: Super Bowl campaign

Amazon boosted brand and product awareness significantly by featuring the Echo in a video advertisement during the Super Bowl with world renowned celebrities. The 90-second ad was the most watched YouTube video of 2018 garnering 50 million views and won USA Today’s AdMeter. By combining creativity and humor, Amazon became an influencer of voice-assisted technology.

5. IHOP: Name change spoof campaign

Successful digital marketing campaigns require strategy and data, but sometimes, out-of-the-box thinking can mean increased brand awareness and publicity. Early in 2018, International House of Pancakes released a name change on Twitter from IHOP to IHOb that picked up immediate attention. As it turns out, IHOP would keep its original name and the stunt was to promote their new line of burgers - which is what the “b” stood for. The company saw an increase of 6,477 percent in social media mentions and shows how some mystery and cleverness can grab the attention of consumers.

All of these campaigns are very different, but the commonality between them is the use of digital strategies and channels that engage customers, raise brand awareness and stand out from competition. By adding a dose of creativity and understanding how to strategically harness their audience, these campaigns show how companies can engage their consumers in a way that delivers results long-term.

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