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New developments in technology is both a blessing and a curse. Marketers today have capabilities we could have only dreamed of a decade ago, but it can be overwhelming. How do you decide what's best for your brand? What data is most valuable? Technology and data are so interwoven with marketing that it’s impossible to separate the two. With everything else in the world being so overwhelming, your MarTech should be making your job easier, not more stressful. CMO Council is here to help with tons of content coming up about how to overcome the MarTech madness and find what's best for your needs. 




Get to Know a CMO Interviews


Making MarTech Pay Off with Brooke Forbes and David Dintenfass

We sat down with two cutting-edge MarTech leaders from Fidelity for our latest report with KPMG. See what they have to say about MarTech and the future of marketing.


Get to Know Ronald Prasad, Chief Commercial Officer of Vodafone Fiji Limited and CMO Council Advisory Board Member

Join us in our conversation with an exceptional marketer with over 26 years of experience to draw from.


Get to Know Kaushal Doshi Chief Customer Experience Officer for Al Fardan Exchange and CMO Council Advisory Board Member

Meet the tenacious leader creating frictionless currency exchange experiences for customers all over the world.


Get to Know Edith Wong, CMO of Invest Hong Kong and CMO Council Advisory Board Member

Meet the knowledgeable, passionate and digitally savvy CMO of one of Hong Kong's leading foreign investment liaisons.


Expert Perspectives – Point of View


These articles are brought to you by marketing leaders like you who graciously share their knowledge and expertise with the CMO Council community. Uploaded every Friday, these articles originally appear on our Expert Views page. Are you a subject matter expert on something you want to share? Help us continue being able to share valuable insights and email Kate Stephani at content@cmocouncil.org for more information.


CMOs as Futurists Navigate the Metaverse by Rahul Mudgal

Getting to the bottom of what all this “metaverse” talk is all about.


New Survey Data Proves Social Media Ad Engagement Leads to Purchases by Alon Leibovich

A recent BrandTotal survey reveals the truth behind customers’ engagement with social media ads.


On the CMO Council Blog

The CMO Council blog is updated every Wednesday with a staff-written article on a topic you need to know about.


If CMOs Lead CX, Who Will Follow?

Many CMOs say they own the customer experience, but they’ll need the power of the purse to orchestrate touch points across the business.


Shaping a Privacy-First Data Strategy

Privacy will push marketers to have a better relationship with customers. We’re talking greater transparency, clearer communications and honest dialogue.


Breakthrough in the CMO-CIO Relationship 

With so much riding on MarTech, companies can no longer wait for CMOs and CIOs to slowly work out their differences. The relationship must be righted now.


What Can We Learn from Nike’s Social Media Play?

At times, Nike makes great plays and then drops the ball over social media. Peek inside the iconic brand’s unofficial playbook.


When AI Behaves Badly

If Facebook’s AI can make an “unacceptable error” and embarrass the brand, what does this mean for the rest of us? Don’t give up on AI just yet.


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RESCHEDULED: Making MarTech Pay Off October 7th at 10am PST

As companies emerge from the pandemic, marketing and MarTech lie at the heart of the recovery.


What Makes Consumers Click September 21st at 10am PST

Social media is shaking up the advertising game in 2021, are you reacting or thriving?


Upcoming Reports and Current Programs


CMO: The Force Multiplier

Download the report, Making MarTech Pay Off here. Today’s increasingly complex, distributed and digitally-driven marketing ecosystem is challenging global marketers to better integrate and manage data, best of breed solutions, creative resources, brand assets and go-to-market functions.


Data-Driven Decisioning Powers CX Forward

Report release: September 21st, 2021. CMO Council will look at the development of aspects that relate to CX, such as customer data management and governance, analysis and reporting, and AI and machine learning. Research will also cover challenges on the road to ideal CX, such as siloed data, unclear strategy, and lacking the right skill sets and technology.


Brand Intelligence Center

On social media and elsewhere, brand marketers are in a pitched battle for share-of-voice and to ride a rise in demand. Unfortunately, most are in the dark about shifting consumer behaviors, emerging industry trends, creative assets that truly resonate, and the strategy and tactics of their competitors — a dearth of information and insight. But here, you will find some intelligent answers.


New and Upcoming Book Releases


Keep an eye out for some highly anticipated releases. Details over in the Marketing Magnified Reading Room.


Insight Spotlight


At CMO Council, it is our mission to stay on the pulse of what’s happening in the marketing world. We sort through hundreds of articles daily, so you don’t have to, to bring you the best, most relevant marketing news, statistics and tips all in one place, every day. Subscribe here to stay on the cutting edge of marketing.


The Future of Marketing Is in Its CMOs by Bill Harvey

With all the shifts happening in the marketing world, one thing holds true: the CMO is the powerhouse of the marketing department.


Why the Sales Funnel is the Cockroach of Marketing Concepts by Tommy Roach

The sales funnel is nearly a hundred years old, but despite frequent reports of its death and surprisingly little evidence that it reflects how advertising actually works, it’s never been more alive.


Quiet is the New Loud: Why Stealth Marketing is Trending by Kati Chitrakorn

Unexpected ad platforms are coming into favor.



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