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Expert Perspectives – Points of View


These articles are brought to you by marketing leaders like you who graciously share their knowledge and expertise with the CMO Council community. Uploaded every Friday, these articles originally appear on our Expert Views page. Are you a subject matter expert on something you want to share? Help us continue being able to share valuable insights and email Kate Stephani at content@cmocouncil.org for more information.


Marketing Challenges of Online Gambling by Bryan Smith

The gambling industry comes with its own unique set of marketing challenges. Learn how casinos can navigate post-pandemic life.


Coming Soon: Chatbots Will Be Salespeople and Products Will Be Services! by Marcos Henrique Faco

How does AI affect customers’ buying patterns? And how can you outsmart it?



Get to Know a CMO Interviews


Monica Sullivan, CMO of Demand Science: What role does intent play in a customer's decision to buy? Learn how Demand Science CMO, Monica Sullivan, leverages this and more to keep customers loyal in the B2B space.


Genefa Murphy, CMO of Five9 and CMO Council Advisory Board Member:

This interview, an excerpt from the CMO Council report "Rising Above the Fray" dives into Murphy's unique philosophy on data utilization in marketing.


Bob Park, Chief Brand Officer at GE and CMO Council Advisory Board Member:

Learn how to blend science and art to create impactful marketing messaging with these wise words from Bob Park.


On the CMO Council Blog

The CMO Council blog is updated every Wednesday with a staff-written article on a topic you need to know about.


Top 10 Most Loved Ads on Social Media by Tom Kaneshige

What brands are making an emotional impact over YouTube, Facebook and Instagram? Find out who they are and how they’re doing it.


Define the Need Before You Bleed by Donovan Neale-May

70% of upstart tech companies fail — how can you avoid being one of them?


Are Marketing Budgets Getting Slashed Again? by Tom Kaneshige

CMOs hoping for a rebound in budgets to go along with new revenue-growth responsibilities will be unpleasantly surprised by a recent Gartner report.


Lighting the Fire: 3 Ways to Overcome Burnout by Kate Stephani

With life shakily going "back to normal," it's a lot all at once and burnout is almost inevitable. Here are some ways to get back to feeling like yourself again.


Is Customer Loyalty a Fantasy? by Tom Kaneshige

Amid pressure to grow revenue, should marketers focus on customer loyalty? It’s a safe bet with attributable returns on investment — but a wrong one to prioritize. 


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The Exponential Power of Collaborative Marketing 

Now Available On Demand

What is covered: Too many companies — big and small — are being left out of the great data revolution. For a myriad of reasons, they’re unable to mine critical customer data, unearth valuable insights, take action based on those insights, and reap the rewards.


Boost Your Email ROI August 12th at 10am PST

Join this webinar as the CMO Council and Litmus explore what marketing leaders are doing to both drive ROI and prepare for coming changes. Discover what analytics tools and email metrics make the most sense for you; how to re-engage, win back and remove inactives; what privacy updates will affect reporting; and much more.


Upcoming Reports and Current Programs

Data-Driven Decisioning Powers CX Forward

CMO Council will look at the development of aspects that relate to CX, such as customer data management and governance, analysis and reporting, and AI and machine learning. Research will also cover challenges on the road to ideal CX, such as siloed data, unclear strategy, and lacking the right skill sets and technology.


Brand Intelligence Center

On social media and elsewhere, brand marketers are in a pitched battle for share-of-voice and to ride a rise in demand. Unfortunately, most are in the dark about shifting consumer behaviors, emerging industry trends, creative assets that truly resonate, and the strategy and tactics of their competitors — a dearth of information and insight. But here, you will find some intelligent answers.


Upcoming Book Releases

Keep an eye out for these highly anticipated releases.


PREORDER: The Human Element  (October 5th, 2021)

Perfect for business leaders, product managers, educators, and anyone else who seeks to bring new and exciting ideas to life, The Human Element is an indispensable resource to help people overcome the powerful forces of human nature that instinctively resist change.


PREORDER: Blend Out (August 31, 2021)

In Blend Out, Snappy Kraken CEO Robert Sofia dives into the marketing history of some of the world’s most successful companies, exploring the steps they took that left an unshakable impression with their target audiences and then applying those steps in such a way that any small business can recreate them.


PREORDER: Reset: A Leader’s Guide to Work in an Age of Upheaval (September 7th, 2021)

From the CEO and President of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) comes the ultimate book on transforming the way we select, retain and train our employees in a radically changed business environment.


PREORDER: Positioning for Advantage (September 7th, 2021)

Positioning for Advantage is a comprehensive how-to guide for creating, building, and executing effective brand strategies. Kimberly A. Whitler identifies essential marketing strategy techniques and moves through the major stages of positioning a brand to achieve in-market advantage.


Insight Spotlight


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Simone Biles, the Greatest Gymnast Alive, Could be the Next Marketing GOAT, Too by Samantha Masunaga

There’s a reason for the rhinestone goat outlined on Simone Biles’ leotard. Learn how this 24-year-old has changed what it means to be an athlete in 2021.


Think Email Marketing is Dead? You’re Dead Wrong by Oliver Rist

Current data shows email is still one of the most effective ways for businesses to reach customers. Here's why.


How Customers Now Define Good Customer Experience by Jack M. Germain 

A brand’s ability to readapt while consumers adjust to post-pandemic routines may hinge on the shopping experiences they offer.


Do You Know What Type of Corporate Culture Your Employees Actually Want? By Mark Murphy

Which sounds more appealing to you; a corporate culture where innovation is a core value or one in which following a plan is a core value? 


Marketing Budgets Continue to Get Slashed Even as Companies Look to CMOs for Growth by Marty Swant

CMO Council’s Chief Content Officer, Tom Kaneshige weighs in on the state of marketing budgets in 2021.


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